Fundamental Requirements of a Documentary Work: A Manifesto is a two-part, call-and-answer exploration of the artist's hypothesis that any creative work to be considered "documentary" must exhibit five particular fundamental characteristics. The audience first navigates a physical manifestation of a thoroughly researched paper exploring the nature of documentary forms across varied artistic disciplines. The research paper is reduced to a series of five statements describing each fundamental characteristic of documentary. Audience members experience each of the five characteristics sequentially as they pass through a series of doors—each door not only communicating a single characteristic but also alluding to the scholarship and theory in which the particular argument is grounded. Beyond the series of doors lies a collection of documentary art pieces which all exhibit the five fundamental characteristics of documentary. This collection of art exclaims that, "Yes, this is all documentary work," yet allows each work to speak for itself and makes no value judgments on any work. In addition to the thematic connection of "exhibiting documentary characteristics," both the series of doors and the various documentary art pieces explore notions of passages through space and time. (2012)