My name is Corbin Smith. I'm a photographer, documentarian, and multimedia artist. Most of all, I'm a storyteller.

As a kid, I told stories (with varying degrees of truth) to hold the attention of a crowd—to be popular and interesting. The excitement of telling a great story never wore off. If anything, that excitement was amplified once I discovered the storytelling capabilities of photography.

I got my first disposable cameras in grade school. I probably want through a dozen rolls of film that summer and I'm still surprised my parents were willing to get al that film processed. Further back, I remember being astounded by my great grandmother's instant Polaroid camera. The fact that a machine could instantly reproduce my likeness seemed like some kind of alchemy, and I was exhilarated by the ability to frame and visually record the world around me.

These days I produce both commercial/advertising and documentary/reportage photography. Working in controlled environments to create the perfect mood and feeling for advertising purposes excites the creative and imaginative parts of my soul. Reportage and documentary, on the other hand, will always appeal to my sense of adventure. Adventure, as it turns out, can be found anywhere: from the downtown Toronto rehearsal studios of the National Ballet of Canada to the tobacco plantations of Esteli, Nicaragua.

The act of documenting using photography has become a ubiquitous part of human experience. The great challenge is to produce a photograph so creative, so striking, so clever, and so impactful that it compels an audience to be drawn into it. To evoke a strong emotional response through art is a truly admirable talent, and something I try to cultivate in myself the moment I pick up the camera. Let me tell your story.